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Humankai Ramsey
Name: Ramsey

Age: Young adult.

Gender: Female

Species: Humankai, mother was an Eastern Volatikai, father was a human.

SO: Demisexual, prefers males.

Status: Single.

Personality: Cautious, hostile, realistic, self-conscience, untrusting, can be kind, nurturing, and protective.

Still a work in progress

Likes: Rainy days, her den, flowers, any type of feline, stuffed animals, relaxing, stones, being clean, fruits and vegetables.

Dislikes: were-Volatikai, loud noises, large groups, any type of canine, being touched without her consent, being a volatikai-human hybrid, most humans.

Other information
-Ramsey secretly fears dying alone, she wants a mate but it's hard for her to find someone who can deal with her personality. Ramsey also wants children, but cannot since she is sterile.
-Ramsey will not hesitate to attack werevolatikai that try mating with her.
-Ramsey prefers the wild over civilization.
-Ramsey has a stuffed cat she named Teddy.
-Ramsey was raised to be tough, and not to allow anyone to take advantage of her, that's why she's so aggressive.
-Ramsey loves the fall season.

My volatikai character, Ramsey for :iconvolatikai:
Volatikai belong to-shorty-antics-27
Big brother and baby sister by fl0werbunny
Big brother and baby sister
:bulletgreen:Name: Raven
:bulletgreen:Clan: Leaf
:bulletgreen:Challenge: Show an interaction between you and another wolf (another member’s character, a side character, or one you make up).

Spring 2003

When Kayden and Raven were younger they were very close, the two were inseparable. Raven would always be the one refusing to go anywhere unless big brother Kayden came with her.

Here we have a smol Raven baby sleeping on Kayden's head after running around.

Hunting for hoomans by fl0werbunny
Hunting for hoomans
:bulletgreen:Name: Raven
:bulletgreen:Clan: Leaf
:bulletgreen:Challenge: Show us you hunting. What kind of prey do you go for? Do you hunt solo, with a friend, or in a byrriyr?

Raven usually hunts for small animals such as, rabbits, rats, squirrels, etc. But, anything or anyone who trespasses on Raven's territory is food to her. This woman ignored the signs and payed the price. Sometimes Kayden will tag along if their prey happens to be wielding a weapon. 

Hello, yes, this is the admin. I am doing much better, I might be getting a doberman, and I might be moving to Greenville SC.


United States

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